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What to do With….Oranges?

May 15, 2011


You know when you buy too many oranges and then they get to that point where they just aren’t at their peak anymore and nobody wants to eat them? Well I was wondering what to do with those oranges one day and I came across pomanders! This was a great project to do with my 7 and 8 year old kids!

So all you need are some oranges, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, fork or toothpick, paper bags, masking tape, ribbon, & sandalwood oil (or orris root powder). Get the full instructions here.  (I actually didn’t tape off the ribbon areas, instead I challenged my kids to think about the negative space of the design and to leave room for the ribbons).

When done, they make a great air freshener and will last for years! Ours have to cure for awhile, so I will post the finished products in a few weeks! I think these would make great gifts as well!

Clementine Lanterns

I about fell over when I came across this cool idea over on Pepper Paints. All you need are clementine oranges and a little oil  — the middle of the orange is the wick — how great is this?! Plus you get a snack.

Homemade Orange Essential Oil

Don’t throw those peels away! Check out this link for a great tutorial on making your own orange essential oil! I was so excited to have found this, because I use a lot of essential oils and they can get expensive! I would much rather make my own. This would be easy to do with lemons, limes, grapefruit — or make a citrus mix! How perfect for spring/summer.

Air/Disposal Freshener

You can also grind your orange peels in the garbage disposal once in a while to freshen it up, or simmer orange peels in a pot of simmering water with some cinnamon sticks for an amazing air freshener!

If anybody else has a great use for oranges, post in the comments!

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